Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Interactive Tree of Life

The Wellcome Trust has created a visually-appealing, interactive tree of life where one can manipulate different views, see a trace of the lineage's path, and zoom in on particular animals. The site is called, simply, Tree of Life.

You can also download the Tree of Life video (as seen here) to view, share with friends, or post on your blog or website. Create your own version of the video with the site's remixable files.

Process of Science

How do we help students to gain not only content knowledge but also process knowledge, i.e., how we know what we know? There are online resources for integrating the process of science into your teaching at all levels, using a variety of different techniques.

VisionLearning provides information and activities for:

  • What is teaching the process of science?
  • Why should I teach the process of science?
  • How do I teach the process of science?
  • What are some examples for teaching the process of science?
The Process of Science website was created by educators at Carleton College, MN. The college also offers the site, The Science Education Resource Center, where more resources for science education can be found. (Photo: VisionLearning)