Friday, March 26, 2010

Internet Bird Collection

The Internet Bird Collection (IBC) is a non-profit endeavour with the ultimate goal of disseminating knowledge about the world's avifauna. It is an on-line audiovisual library of the world's birds that is available to the general public free of charge. The online collection consists of over 40,000 videos, about 20,000 photos, and almost 5,000 bird sound recordings.
Photo: Horned Sungem (Heliactin bilopha) by Ciro Albano

GEON Mentors

Why not invite a geneticist to visit your classroom? You can search the Genetics Education Outreach Network (GEON) to find a genetics professional in your area. GEON members include scientists, clinicians and counselors who are eager to work with K-12 students and teachers.

Nearly 650 members of the genetics scientific and counseling community have volunteered to be a part of this unique resource for K-12 students and teachers. These human genetics professionals and advocates volunteer their time on National DNA Day as well as throughout the year to assist science teachers in increasing understanding and awareness of the Human Genome Project and genetics among students and the general public.