Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free Blog Platforms

If you would like to try blogging, is free. It's what I use for my blog. In future posts I'll explore some educational uses of blogs, but for now here's a way to play in the blog sandbox. If you want your students to blog, you should try it out first. Blogger offers ready-made templates that you can customize to your liking. No HTML knowledge is required. You can choose to limit who sees or comments on your blog, useful if you are just testing the waters.

Some bloggers prefer platforms on social networking sites (SCN), for example MSN Spaces or Yahoo! 360. These give you your own web page with a blogging feature built in. However, you also get some of the problems inherent to SCNs.

Some free blog platforms are designed for education. WordPress is one but it requires that you already have a hosting provider or website. Another option is Class Blogmeister, which requires you to log in with your school's code. If you know of other free blog platforms, please share them in the comments.


Carla Arena said...

Hi, Oksana,

It's a pity we didn't meet more frequently in our online course! I really liked your blog and I'm a blog fan myself. I've blogged a lot with my students, and now that I'm on a leave I keep blogging about my impressions here in Key West. It's like a dialog with others and yourself, and it's like keeping your ideas at the moment you were thinking, analyzing something.

Great to have gotten the chance to see your blog and to know a bit more about you.


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