Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Visual Media

In order to add graphics to this blog, I have signed up for so many accounts that there is no way I will remember them. Does anyone have suggestions for managing graphic online sources to use in blogs?

My daughter took this great photo. View more Oh Lenna photos at flickr.
Flickr is an excellent source for photography. You have to sign up for an account, but it's free. Once you're in the site, look for photos that have a "blog it" option above the photo. Clicking on that will generate a code that you can embed into your post. The photo will appear magically, sized to fit your blog space.

In my Internet searches for how students learn through technology, I came across this student web site. A team of eleven Forest Park High School, VA iT program media students, calling themselves The Millennials, created videos and web pages that were featured in a 2005 U.S. Department of Education presentation to Congress on the importance of using technology in the classroom. Their videos describe the digital generation, how they learn, and why schools should adapt to the way they learn.


Oh Lenna said...

Congratulations on creating your first blog. It's an interesting world out there and in today's digital age it's quite easy to get involved through this simple device - an easy way for anyone to post their views on a variety of topics.

An interesting and resourceful book you might find helpful as you take your course and try to find meaningful ways to interact with your viewers on a daily basis is No One Cares What I Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog.

Thanks for posting my photo - don't forget to put a credit line (i.e. Originally posted by Oh Lenna). This is really important when you blog someone else's images.

scilit said...

Thank you for the book suggestion. I will share this resource link with classmates. I will credit the picture source as you suggested.

m.woods said...

I found the Millenials videos so interesting. It's really interesting to see the perspective that younger students have about technology!