Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Save the Internet

I was browsing through YouTube when I came across this activist video. I read about this issue in newspapers but didn't hear much more about it. The issue is about Internet providers wanting to set up a two-tier system: pay more for high-speed special treatment, or less and get lesser service. The video asks us to help support "Internet Neutrality." I hope the activists accomplish their mission. I want the Internet to remain accessible to everyone all over the globe. Some individuals in the U.S. may be able to afford extra fees but what about the student in a developing country whose only access to global information may be the Internet or the disadvantaged child here in the U.S.? What would that do to school and library budgets that offer free access to their students or constituents? If you feel the video message is misguided or off the mark, let me know.


m.woods said...

The thought of Verizon & co. squeezing more money out of their hold on the internet is pretty sickening. I'm sure the issue is more complicated that that video reveals, but isn't it true that it is not costing these companies any more to pump the internet through the cables than it always has? I'm sure they get more and more customers each day, paying $60 a month to access the internet. And won't it just cost them more money to implement these ridiculous restrictions? As you pointed out, this could have a very negative impact on the educational uses of internet. It could prevent some schools from having full access, and perhaps raise tuition at Universities. Do you know of any arguments (other than greed) that support the companies' viewpoint?

Mr. Barry Bachenheimer said...

lgWhere I live, if you want high speed internet, the only choices are DSL from Verizon or the Cable Company. Suppossedly, Verizon is going to introduce high speed cable internet in our area, which should in theory bring down prices. Or, as the video suggests, they will squeeze us even more. The internet may be free, but access is not!